BTP SS.3 – Cash Game (08-09/2021)

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  • Duration 11h 30m 38s
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เทปบันทึกการสอน BTP SS.3 – Cash Game (08-09/2021)


– Cash Game Preflop Chart 100BB x1

Topics for this course

10 Lessons11h 30m 38s

Cash Game Session

Free!!! Cash Game Preflop Chart00:00:00
Give Up the River1:14:16
Combination & Blocker1:27:23
Counter Ace49:23
Review Blocker & Why We Bet?2:04:59
Variation Line 11:10:35
How to Play a Hand (Play Our Range)1:47:39
Variation Line 231:28
Variation Line 2 (จบ)26:08
รีวิวแฮนด์จากนักเรียน (How to Play a Hand)1:58:47
590 ฿
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